Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism

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Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism

Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism

Overview of the Programmes

Our main services are as follows:

Four core distinct programmes ensure the provincial Department's commitment to service delivery, growing the provincial economy, ensuring sustainable environmental management and tourism.

Programme 1. Administration - The objectives of this programme is to provide leadership, strategic management in accordance with legislation, regulations, policies and ensure appropriate support to business units.

The programme consists of the Office of the MEC, Office of the HOD, Strategic Management, Financial Management, GITO and Corporate Services. It primarily renders support services to all line functions in the department in respect of HR, Financial Management and plays an oversight role on the department's mandate.

Programme 2. Economic Development - The development of the provincial economy is encouraged through Integrated Economic Planning & Research, Enterprise Development, Trade & Industry Development, as well as Business Regulation & Governance.


  • To ensure the promotion of economic planning, conducting of research and management of economic development information.
  • Lead and integrate provincial local economic development planning and research.
  • To stimulate economic growth through industry development, trade and investment promotion.
  • To ensure fair and healthy business practice

Programme 3. Environmental Affairs - The environmental affairs programme encompasses Environmental Trade & Protection and Biodiversity & Natural Resource Management whose purpose is to develop, promote and manage environmental affairs activities within the province.


  • To manage environmental and land use development assessment, compliance, wildlife trade regulation, pollution and waste.
  • To ensure conservation, sustainable utilization and development of biodiversity in the province.

Programme 4. Tourism


  • To develop, regulate and promote tourism in Limpopo
  • To enhance environmental management and sustainable usage of natural resources through environmental capacity building programmes

These programmes create a critical balance that is required for sustainable economic growth.

Liquor Affairs

The component administers the Liquor Act, 27 of 1989, as amended. It is responsible for the activities of the Limpopo Liquor Board. It therefore operates as the secretariat of the Liquor Board.
The Limpopo Liquor Board adjudicate upon received applications. For applications to be considered by the Board, they must have been lodged with the magistrate’s court on the first Friday of the month. If that Friday falls on a public holiday the succeeding Friday which is not a public holiday. Before an application is lodged, form 2 must have been forwarded to the Government printers for publication in the government gazette and the prescribed fee must have been paid. Once the application has been lodged, it must stay at the magistrate’s office for a period of at least 28 days if there is no objection.

The application must be in triplicate, one copy is meant for the designated police officer who must compile a police report and the two copies should be forwarded to the secretariat of the Board. A complete application should have an application form (form 1), sketch-plan or photos of the premises, description of the premises, written representation, consent letter from the traditional authority or local municipality, R200-00 receipt as application fee or R200-00 revenue stamps and or any other document required by the Board.

The Board has discretionary powers to either refuse or grant the application.

Liquor Procedure Manual

Business Registration

The component administers the Limpopo Business Registration Act No.5 of 2003.

The Act seeks to register all businesses within the Province, keep register of these businesses and create a conducive business environment within the Province.

This component is constituted by three levels of operations which are:

  1. Service Points – located within Municipalities and are lodgement points of new applications for businesses.
  2. Business Registration Centres – located within Departmental District offices and are there to consider lodged applications.
  3. Directorate for Business Registration – located within Head Office and monitors District and Service Points.

Consumer Issues

Consumer Protection - The office is established in terms of Consumer Affairs (Unfair Business Practices) Act of 1996, Act 8 of 1996.

The office receives and investigates complaints of alleged unfair business practices from aggrieved consumers.

The office may, whether a complaint is lodged or not, institute an investigation if there are reasons to belief that unfair business practice exists or may come into existence.

Consumer Affairs Court - The Act also establishes the Court which is presided over by a Chairperson and five other members.

The Court adjudicate on matters presented by the office upon conclusion of the investigation of unfair business practices.

The Court sits at 20 Hans Van Ransburg street in Polokwane.

CONSUMER EDUCATION - The function of this unit is to implement consumer education strategies that will enable consumers to become empowered with essential skills and knowledge to make informed decisions in the market place and to use their resources effectively. Consumer education also enables consumers to develop the ability to become critical consumers of goods and services, and increase their awareness of their wider role in society. In addition to serving as a pro-active measure of protecting consumers against market abuses, it also serves as a preventive measure in that educated consumers will know how to protect themselves and prevent exploitation in the market place.

Consumer Awareness campaigns in the form of workshops, exhibitions, road shows, radio talk shows, media releases and alerts, outside broadcasts, and the distribution of brochures, booklets and leaflets are amongst some of activities employed by the unit to disseminate information to consumers.



20 Hans van Rensburg Street, POLOKWANE, 0700

Private Bag 9484, POLOKWANE, 0700

TEL: 015 293 8300

FAX: 015 291 1336


CONSUMER PROTECTION - Tel:015 291 2855 Fax: 015 291 2898

CONSUMER ADVICE - Tel:015 291 2857 Fax: 015 291 2898


CAPRICORN DISTRICT OFFICE – Tel 015 297 3839 Fax: 015 297 7595

MOPANI DISTRICT OFFICE – Tel: 015 812 1169 Fax: 015 812 0604

SEKHUKHUNE DISTRICT OFFICE – Tel: 015 633 5169/04 Fax: 015 633 5153

VHEMBE DISTRICT OFFICE – Tel: 015 962 4724/5/6/7 Fax: 015 962 4829

WATERBERG DISTRICT OFFICE – Tel: 014 717 1093 Fax: 014 717 5200